This is a rough outline of what I have been up to since 1990. 

I worked in news and current affairs for some years previous to that but I have not listed events prior to the Berlin Wall coming down as the relevant diaries and paperwork are buried in storage and I am not likely to pull them out anytime soon.

All in all I worked as cameraperson for almost 26 years. 

In 2009 I was involved in the setting up and running of New Tech Post (orig. which is now known as Technology Voice.

2012, Technology Voice

2010 – 2012, New Tech Post

2009, Eclipse interview, Magnolia Films

2009, October, China vs America in Africa, HDnet (Producer/Camera)

2009, August – Inside Iraq, HDnet (Producer/Camera)

2008, October – Ireland/UK, reverse migration. HDnet

2008, June – Helmand Province, Afghanistan with the USMC, ABC

2008, May – Bangkok and region for Cyclone Nargis

2008. April – Polk Award for Televsion Reporting, Burma

2008, April – Egypt and Kenya “We are 21” ABC

2008- Qi Gong DVD, Thong

2008, January – London, Chevron

2007, December – Pakistan, interview President Musharraf

2007, November – Burma (talk to me about that.)

2007, October – Deutsche Bank, Cambodia street people

2007 – Aon Consulting/Getty Images, Singapore

2007- Citibank/ASEAN development video, Singapore

2007, September – National Geographic, Teman Negara National Park, Malaysia

2007, July – Uganda: Child Headed Families. Tribute International

2007, June – Suicide Bombers in Morocco for HDnet with Michael Davie.

2007, April – With Diane Sawyer again. This time in Kabul, Afghanistan. Whole spot on kitemaking and flying. Now I definitely have to read the book, “The Kiterunner.” The guy on the tombstone above (without the camera) is the Kitemaker of Kabul.

2007 – Vincent Price Collection, Columbia Tristar

2007, March – Tehran with Diane Sawyer. Interview with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

2007 – Carphone Warehouse, Crisis Solutions

2007 – Ray Harryhausen DVD, Rosas Productions

2006 – Shell, Manilla

2006 – Adidas, Hong Kong

2006 – Crisis Solutions, UK

2006 – Afghanistan twice. The first time was in June to do a series of specials. The second time was for 9/11 five year anniversary. We did a series of live shows from Kabul.

2005 – Tsuanmi, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia.

2005 – Tai Chi Video – Thong

2005 – Press Alert, UK

2005 -Ireland with Frank McCourt fhe author of “Angela’s Ashes” commenting on the rapid growth of the Celtic Tiger.

2005 – Mitchell/Kenyon films and “Undiscovered Chaplin.”

2004 – Afghanistan, “The Hunt for Osama.”

2003 – Discovery, Unsolved History – “Naval Battle in the Colosseum”

2003 – Gulf War Two which resulted in being in Iraq and Israel for months at a time.

2003 – Discovery, Unsolved History – “Last Flight of the Red Baron”

2003 – Discovery, Unsolved History – “Wreck of the Gusloff”

2003 – “Profile of a Suicide Bomber” for Primetime.2001 – National Geographic, “Three Photographers,” Cairo.

2001 – National Geographic, “Undersea Discovery, ” Black Sea, Turkey

1999 – Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo1998 – Back to the Balkans again. Mainly Kosovo.

Oct.’98 – In Belgrade when NATO threatened to strike.

Sept. “97 – Princess Diana’s death.

In 1996/97 worked almost continuously for TF1 in London overlapping with news and arts programmes for NHK.

Jan. – Mar. ’95 – Voyage through China. A two-month Nightline/BBC collaboration.

Oct. ‘ 93 – In Moscow for the Yeltsin backlash. At Ostankino when four other camerapersons killed.

Apr. 92 thru Aug. ’94 – in and out of the Balkans.

Sep. 91- The White House, Moscow “The Second Russian Revolution”

Jan. 91 – Gulf War One

November 9th, 1989 – Fall of the Berlin Wall. Cross through Checkpoint Charlie the afternoon the wall came down. Went straight to the Brandenburg Gate where I remained for the next forty-four hours non-stop. It was great.